Monday, March 17, 2008

11g - My first look

It's been a while since I have installed 11g but hardly got a chance to explore or look at it's new features. It was only last week that I started exploring it. There are quite a bit of really interesting and useful new features; I will start posting on some of the new features that I come across.

Here is list of some of the interesting new features that I have bumped into so far;

1. ADR - a big change in the way the diagnostic logs (alert.log, trace files) are now stored.
2. Database Replay
3. Case-sensitive passwords - Long overdue
4. Data-masking
5. ACL for calling packages
6. Generated columns or Virtual columns
7. Read only tables - Did you hear that "Read only tables" not "Tablespace"
8. Virtual column partitioning - really interesting
9. Get advice on how good is your table design
10. SYSASM role
11. Online patching and patching based on features you use

This is not the final list...there are many more which I am yet to explore. Keep a tab on my blog as I will try to bring in the interesting ones...


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