Monday, June 20, 2011

Pre-packaged Oracle VM Images for Oracle Database and RAC

Oracle has made available pre-configured virtual machines containing pre-installed Oracle enterprise software stacks. These Oracle VM templates can be downloaded from Oracle's E-Delivery site.
Pre-packaged VM’s would greatly useful if you need to quickly test out or do a POC etc. You would anyways download the software so why not download a pre-installed VM image and get started immediately as opposed to going through painstaking process of installing it unless your POC is about installation and configuration.
All you would need is Oracle VM already installed on your server/desktop. Then you can simply download the VM images, import and deploy the template VM’s. However you do need to provide some basic information such IP (DHCP or static), passwords etc. and you will have a fully installed / configured Oracle environment ready without having to install products from scratch.
Currently, I could find the following templates for Oracle Database and RAC on both 32-bit and 64-bit (x86 platforms). All of these are based on Oracle Enterprise Linux version 5.2 onward. No pre-packaged VM’s are available for Windows or other UNIX flavors.
Database VM Templates for x86 (32-bit)

There are pre-installed/configured VM’s for other products as well e.g. Grid control, Fusion middle-ware, E-business suite etc. Get them @ Oracle E Delivery -

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