Thursday, June 16, 2011

RAC One Node changes in

I have covered Oracle RAC One Node in one of my previous post. RAC One Node is a single instance of an Oracle RAC database running on node in a cluster. There have been significant changes in the way a RAC One database is administered in version compared to earlier versions. I have briefly summarized the changes herein –
  • OUI has a new option to select RAC One Installation (look at the screenshot below)
  • You can now create and configure RAC One database using DBCA
  • Configure and administer RAC One database using SRVCTL instead of using  "Omotion", "raconestatus", "raconeinit", "racone2rac" etc.
    • So move/relocate and convert your database using  SRVCTL
  • Dataguard Broker is RAC One aware
I thought to quickly cover the changes since I had previously posted about RAC One. You can also refer to Metalink note 1232802.1 for details.

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