Friday, July 8, 2011

Oracle Pre-upgrade utility

The Pre-upgrade tool provides a list of items which should be reviewed before upgrading the database (just like a pre-requisites checklist). Basically it reports about the database configuration and parameters etc. that need attention prior to upgrade. The best thing is this script can be run while the database is running on the existing version that means no shutdown required.  This allows you to properly plan your upgrade process and avoid unnecessary down time due to pre-requisites missed for the upgrade.
Note: - A few registry$ tables will be created and data would be inserted into them.
The snapshot (taken from Metalink note 884522.1) explains which script should be used based on the version you are on and the version you are intending to upgrade to. You can download the scripts from the same metalink note as well.
You can find these scripts under $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin directory of the version you are planning to upgrade to.
The following snapshot gives a sample output of the script executed on a 10g database.
While you will refer to an upgrade guide / companion available from Oracle to note down all the pre-requisite steps and get them rectified. This script gives you a consolidated output of the pre-requisites and one can fix and re-run the script to check if it complies with most.

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