Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pre-packaged Oracle VM's for Developers

Interesting. I remember that in order to make development effort faster, we used to make images of our development boxes with all the required software / applications installed on it. This was pre-virtualization era. But with virtualization, it became a common norm and easier. Now Oracle has also started packaging different development stack on a pre-built Oracle VM which one can simply download and start using it.

All you need to do is install VirtualBox to get these pre-built VM's working. Currently Oracle has the following development stacks bundled in a VM with more coming in future -

  • Java Development
  • Database App Development 
  • SOA & BPM Development
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Hands-on
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal Framework 11g Hands-on
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Express Developer
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Express Network Virtualization 
  • Oracle Solaris 10 9/10
  • Enterprise PHP Development
  • Oracle Tuxedo Web Application Server Demo
Refer to the following link for components that have been bundled in the above listed VM's and download them. Go download and speed up your development effort.

In a previous post, I had covered the Oracle VM images with pre-installed Oracle Database (10g and 11g) and Oracle RAC (10g, 11g, and 11gR2) software.

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